Commit 249022a3 authored by Jonathan Weth's avatar Jonathan Weth

Merge branch 'bugfix/system-check-mistakes' into 'master'

Fix some mistakes in app config system check

See merge request !164
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......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ from .util.apps import AppConfig
def check_app_configs_base_class(
app_configs: Optional[django.apps.registry.Apps] = None, **kwargs
) -> None:
) -> list:
""" Checks whether all apps derive from AlekSIS's base app config """
results = []
......@@ -18,11 +18,11 @@ def check_app_configs_base_class(
if app_configs is None:
app_configs = django.apps.apps.get_app_configs()
for app_config in app_configs:
if"aleksis.apps.") and not isinstance(app_config, AppConfig):
for app_config in filter(lambda c:"aleksis."), app_configs):
if not isinstance(app_config, AppConfig):
"App config %s does not derive from aleksis.core.util.apps.AppConfig.",
"App config %s does not derive from aleksis.core.util.apps.AppConfig." %,
hint="Ensure the app uses the correct base class for all registry functionality to work.",
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