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  • 2.0a2   Pre-release to be deployed internally at Katharineum to replace SchoolApps
    Release 2.0a2


    New features

    • Frontend-ased announcement management
    • Auto-create Person on User creation
    • Select primary group by pattern if unset
    • Shortcut to personal information page
    • Support for defining group types
    • Add description to Person
    • age_at method and age property to Person
    • Synchronise AlekSIS groups with Django groups
    • Add celery worker, celery-beat worker and celery broker to docker-compose setup
    • Global search
    • License information page
    • Roles and permissions
    • User preferences
    • Additional fields for people per group
    • Support global permission flags by LDAP group
    • Persistent announcements
    • Custom menu entries (e.g. in footer)
    • New logo for AlekSIS
    • Two factor authentication with Yubikey, OTP or SMS
    • Devs: Add ExtensibleModel to allow apps to add fields, properties
    • Devs: Support multiple recipient object for one announcement

    Minor changes

    • Make short_name for group optional
    • Generalised live loading of widgets for dashboard
    • Devs: Add some CSS helper classes for colours
    • Devs: Mandate use of AlekSIS base model
    • Devs: Drop import_ref field(s); apps shold now define their own reference fields

    Bug fixes

    • DateTimeField Announcement.valid_from received a naive datetime
    • Enable SASS processor in production
    • Fix too short fields
    • Load select2 locally


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  • 2.0a1   Alpha release for FOSDEM
    b3f0dfe8 · Update submodules ·
  • 1.0a3.1   MInor bugfix
    42abace7 · Update submodule. ·
  • 1.0a3   Feature updates after three months of evaluation at Boltenheide
    dcc402d2 · Raise version. ·
  • 1.0a2   Improvements after two months of digital class register at Boltenheide Relevant changes are mainly in BiscuIT-App-Alsijil and BiscuIT-App-Chronos.
    2a0b69c6 · Fix typo in changelog. ·
    Release 1.0a2

    New features

    • Devs: Add ExtensibleModel to allow injection of methods and properties into models.
  • 1.0a1   Improved release with feedback from testing and Boltenheide staff
    Release 1.0a1

    New features

    • Devs: Add API to get an audit trail for any school-related object
    • Devs: Providetemplate snippet to display an audit trail
    • Devs: Provide base template for views that allow browsing back/forth
    • Add management command and Cron job for full backups
    • Add system status overview page
    • Allow enabling and disabling maintenance mode from frontend
    • Allow editing the dates of the current school term
    • Add logo to school information
    • Allow editing school information
    • Ensure all actions are reverted if something fails (atomic requests)


    • Only show active persons in group and persons views
    • Silence KeyError in get_dict template tag

    Minor changes

    • Use bootstrap buttons everywhere
  • 1.0a0   First preview release for teachers at Realschule Boltenheide
  • 0.1   Chocolate Chip Rudolf